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Shanghai's World famous waterfront

What to do in Shanghai

Here’s some inspiration if you’re interested in taking a trip to Shanghai. I spent around 10 days in Shanghai during Chinese Year 2012. Here’s what I experienced in the first days of the Year of the Dragon… When is it Best to go to Shanghai? First of all I recommend that if your travel dates […]

The Yellow Crane Tower affords some great views of sprawling Wuhan

What to See and Do in Hubei Province

Hubei Province in Central China is well worth adding to your itinerary of a trip to China. Hubei (pronounced Who-Bay) is best known for the River Yangtze, which runs right through the capital of the province, Wuhan, on its way to the sea. As well as the grand river, Hubei’s fiery cuisine is well worth […]

Chinese tourists are an increasingly common sight at some of the world's major tourist sites

Are Chinese Citizens Allowed to Leave China?

The simple answer is – yes, Chinese citizens are allowed to leave China. Any Chinese citizen who wants to leave China needs to apply for a passport (or a visa for Hong Kong). So in theory they can be denied a passport by the local police department. Generally speaking, most middle class Chinese citizens don’t […]

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