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Meeting Chinese Women While You’re in China

China is a great place to visit if you want an interesting holiday.

But if you’re a single guy, then China is an incredible place to visit!

I’m fortunate enough to have visited a number of different countries. Yet China has the hottest women I’ve ever seen. What’s more, there’s plenty of single ladies that are dying to meet Western men!

Factor in the fact that the majority of Western men find Asian women impossibly attractive, and it’s a match made in heaven.

In fact, for decades men have been going to Thailand in search of exotic oriental brides. And thanks to China opening up to the outside world, it’s now possible to meet exotic Chinese women as well!

Getting Some Action in China!

If you’re a guy and you want some action on vacation in China, then there are a number of possibilities.

China has a large adult entertainment industry. Hotels often have massage services (with optional extras), and all kinds of stuff goes on in KTV bars.

Sex isn’t so widely advertised for sale in China as it is in the entertainment districts of Thailand. And there are really rather limited possibilities if you’re a lone traveller and you don’t speak or read Chinese.

Furthermore, the Chinese authorities have periodic clampdowns on prostitution and other activities, so you need to be discrete.

In all honesty, if you want some sexy fun in Asia, then there are far better opportunities in Thailand or the Philippines.

Chinese Wives and Girlfriends

Chinese wives or girlfriends aren’t too hard to find. Most Chinese women are marriage orientated, and expect to marry for life.

China is awash with beautiful women, and many of them are single!

China is awash with beautiful women, and many of them are single!

Finding Chinese women to visit while you’re in China is very easy. Just sign up to a dating site like Chinese Love Links or China Love Match. These will cost you less than $30 a month.

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Chinese – there are plenty of English speakers on both of these sites. And you’ll find many attractive Chinese women in any city you’re thinking of visiting.

Just bear in mind that they do tend to be marriage minded, so it’s not fair to play love games with them.

You can tell a Chinese girl likes you if things start getting intimate. If she wants you to meet her parents then you’re as good as engaged.

To save loss of face, it’s important that you don’t get her hopes up if you don’t think you have a long term future together. And for goodness sakes don’t visit her parents until you’re sure she’s the one!

Chinese cities like Guangzhou are full of attractive single Chinese women

Chinese cities like Guangzhou are full of attractive single Chinese women

So are all Chinese women marrying Western men for money?

In my experience, no.

Some Chinese women are from poor backgrounds put their profiles on mail order brides themed sites in the hope of a new life of luxury in the USA. However, there are many other Chinese women who have a reasonable standard of living and are wanting to marry for other reasons.

It’s actually not too hard to find single Chinese women who are very wealthy – even by Western standards. These girls don’t need your money!

Chinese single moms also find it hard to find new partners, so they’ll often look for a new partner from overseas.

Finally Chinese men like to marry young girls with stick thin figures, and once a Chinese lady gets to around 25 she finds it increasingly difficult to find a husband from her own country. This is despite the apparent shortage of women in China.

Find Your Own China Tour Guide!

Use a Chinese dating site and you can find many women who will like you meet you while you’re on vacation.

These sites are also good places to find penpals and friends in China.

Whenever I’m in China I hookup with a local woman. That way I get my own personalised tour guide to help me see some of the sights that you’d never see on an escorted tour of China.

Once again, just make sure that you both know what your intentions are, and don’t disappoint any women who are obviously looking for a marriage partner.

So why go to China and just look at rivers and terracotta warriors, when you could be meeting some of the most beautiful women you could ever imagine!

If you’re interested in finding out more about dating Chinese women while you’re on vacation, then check out the Chinese Dating Sites Guide for everything you need to know.


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