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Chinese tourists are an increasingly common sight at some of the world's major tourist sites

Are Chinese Citizens Allowed to Leave China?

The simple answer is – yes, Chinese citizens are allowed to leave China. Any Chinese citizen who wants to leave China needs to apply for a passport (or a visa for Hong Kong). So in theory they can be denied a passport by the local police department. Generally speaking, most middle class Chinese citizens don’t […]

If you want to visit a Chinese mainland city like Shanghai, you'll need a visa

Are Chinese Visas Hard to Get?

Most Western tourists will require a visa to travel to China. Ideally it’s a good idea to apply for the visa before you book a visit to China. Note that we’re talking about the People’s Republic here. Separate rules apply to Hong Kong. Generally speaking you won’t need a visa if you just want to […]

Shanghai gets super busy during Chinese New Year!

When is the Best Time to Go to China?

Hi, I’m Brett and I’ve been to China four times now (five if you include Hong Kong). From my experience, the best time to go to China is either in the Spring or Autumn. The two problems you need to consider are: The Chinese Weather Crowds The Chinese Weather The Chinese Winter can be extremely […]

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